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Jul 16th, 2014

knozenIt has been a never-ending issue in many work places, where colleagues would develop hostility when they are assessed with their own opinions. Irrespective of what the work place is, this has been happening over the years and there has been no end to it. Apparently, by following such scenario, there is a special app developed now that will let you assess the qualities of your colleague without any problem. KNOZEN – this is a new app developed as a free iPhone app, which will help for the betterment of work place. This will let every person rate each of their colleagues in a good way. Don’t assume this to be an usual one of assessment techniques, where there are negative traits. The developers assure that there wouldn’t be any negative questions brought in.

The main intention of KNOZEN is let the individual improvise their skills. Everyone loves to how others feel about them and they would indeed want others to know about the value they have for them. This App will surely cater to the taste of this cohort. The assessment can be carried out for a workplace that has minimum of seven employees and the process would be carried through a common mail address.

The assessment will have the values of patience, discipline and punctuality that an individual carries in a work place. These are the major elements an individual has to develop in a work place and KNOZEN is a boon indeed to them. By carrying forth this assessment at least once in a month, this would be more useful to develop or enhance the quality of an employee and the concerned firm indeed.

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