Windows 9 will have release in April 2015

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Jul 16th, 2014

windows-9Windows become the most fascinating technology for every computer user and dating back to its origin nearly before couple of decades. It all started off with Windows 95, where everyone from kids to nannies were so much spellbound over the spellbinding features presented by Bill Gates and his group of genius members. As the years passed by, the technology kept moving on and the advanced version unceasingly kept us engrossed. Within few years, from Windows 95 the journey has now extended towards Windows 8.

When Windows 8 was launched, it was so much appraised for its newfangled technology of combining many apps together on the screens and furthermore, the touch screen option made it more enhanced. Now the latest excitement has popped up on the global maps as a leaked image of Windows 9 was released on My Digital Life forums… The images showed the Start Menu option, which indeed is a combined mixture of Windows 7 and 8. Nevertheless, when approached the close sources of Windows, they were not letting anything divulged on this and mentioned that it is too early to unveil anything on this and official announcements would be made shortly. According to the reports, the Windows 9 version will be launched somewhere in April 2015.

Dating back to the origin of Windows 8, it was launched on October 26, 2012.

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